Advocate Rockson Ephraim


My name is Rockson Ephraim. I was born on February 2, 1989 in Lahore from a Punjabi, Christian parents. Today, I’m very happy that my companion Lawyer Suleman Gilbert Bhatti is presenting my story to you. My story is a very different story. We are 3 siblings. I am the eldest. I was a shiny student since my childhood. But, suddenly something happened that almost demolished me. It was the spring of my teens. I was enjoying flying kite. I was too into it that I didn’t focus on any other thing. I fell from the roof where I was flying kite. I don’t remember much about that. There was blackness all around in front of my eyes. I was caught by a Neuro issue. My right side of my body was almost paralyzed. I couldn’t write, speak or memorize things. I was broken. I always regretted and think of days when my memory was very sharp. My studies were heavily disturbed by this accident. My parents took good care of me. My treatment was going on. After some time, I started to recover, I got treatment from an American doctor of United Christian Hospital. I’m a right-handed person. He told that it is difficult for you to write again from your right hand. You should start gym and start writing from the left hand. It was a really hard task. I almost started a new education from point 0. I started gym. Meanwhile, my siblings and peers were going ahead of me. We were a financially humbled family. My father does the work of printing press. I started to work with him. I became his helper. It was not a good time for me. My relatives and neighbors were taunting me-“I’m not like my other siblings.” “I don’t want to do anything. He can do but he doesn’t want to.” I was very depressed. I was a very weak boy. I was always mocked in the gym by other members. During this time, my family thought of my wedding. But, I was rejected twice just because of my right-hand weakness. This was the scenario of my 8 years of depression. But, on the other hand — It was my learning period. I didn’t lose heart. I fought again and raised up. After years of hard work, I started to write from my left hand. My right arm got much better. I made six-pack abs. Those gym people became my friends. The only factor missing was my studies (Professionalism). My younger did a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Pakistan’s prestigious university FCCU. He became a 16th-grade government officer. The same case with my sister, She graduated from FCCU and became a teacher. I was behind them. During those 8 years — I did different IT short courses. I started teaching those short courses. But, my soul was not satisfied. As being a Christian, I’m a regular Church member. I was firmly attached to the youth group of the Church. The church flourished my personality and confidence. After 8 years, I decided to continue my studies. I decided to choose LLB honors. I discussed this with my parents. They said that it is your last chance — If you’ll not do something. We’ll get you a work to do. My age limit to enroll in LLB honors was just at the end. I went to many colleges. All the seats were reserved. No one was selecting me but, then at last, one college accepted my application. The start of the college was not also very good. I felt a lot of problems. But, due to my hard work and teamwork. I’m the only student of my college who won 5 Class Representative's Elections in a row. I was CR for my full 5-year tenure. Now, By God’s grace, I’m an Advocate at Lahore High Court. I graduated from the University of Punjab. It has been 4 years since I’m practicing law. This was my story. Anyone who calls me ‘Wakeel Sahb’ doesn’t know the struggle behind it. I worked day and night to hear this. I fought against all odds. My status in society is totally different now. I’m proud of my family who once I wasn’t. Becoming a Lawyer at the eleventh hour against all the struggle is a good accident for me. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I Suleman Gilbert Bhatti wrote this article to motivate my readers.



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