It’s been 73 years since Pakistan got freedom from British Raj. I haven’t seen a single day in Pakistan in which I felt Independence. Pakistan is independent in its affairs, but unfortunately not in many. White superiority has influence everywhere in Pakistani society. To get a good status even in foreign affairs; a state should be an ally of westerners. Pakistanis not even have accepted this thinking, but have made this a social stigma. White people are above all. They are more good looking and intelligent than anyone. Pakistanis have this chip code in their subconscious. They even feel a Pakistani who has fair skin and speaks English as an elite. Unfortunately, Pakistanis check people's English to test their intelligence. This mentality is demolishing the young generation of Pakistan. They feel the sense of being less than others. They can’t express and enhance themselves due to this social stigma. Their complexion and language are always neglected in front of Whites. White people are considered Intelligent and super-classy. Common Pakistani feel liberty in their matters but, they are in a state of psychological slavery. Even 73 years of Independence couldn’t make a difference.

IN the COVID lockdown, I went to my college to do some tasks. Colleges’ COVID precautionary measures were very strict. I was not allowed to remove the mask for even a second. Security guards were having a high check on the visitors. I experienced another thing there; my White Professor was jogging (without a mask) on the campus. I put off my mask for a while and the security guard requested me to put on the mask. On the other hand, that same guard was not able to say anything to that White professor. He had the thing in his subconscious that the White man knows more than us. I marked the scene in my head.

This is only one example. There are dozens of examples in our society. We have to break this social stigma. We should give respect to everyone. Skin color and language has nothing to do with superiority.

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